Friday, July 16

A First Edition of ‘Only at the British Open …’

I WAS DOING OTHER things today and unable to pay much attention to the British Open. Now I’ve been reading up on what I missed and had this thought: The Open Championship is the most unpredictable golf tournament in the world, just downright nutty. Anything can happen, thanks mostly to the Jekyll and Hyde weather.

So how about a quick edition of “Only at the British Open …”? It’s the first and may not be the last. Ready? Here we go …

(Photo: Old Tom’s shop in St. Andrews / Son of Groucho, Flickr)

Only at the British Open
would a 21-year-old phenom who shot a record 63 in the first round back it up with an 80.

Only at the British Open
would John Daly take a swing at a potted plant after signing for a 76. (On second thought, that could happen anywhere.)

Only at the British Open
would the wind go from 0 to 50 mph in nothing flat and completely switch directions in the middle of rounds.

Only at the British Open would a South African nicknamed “Shrek” set a 36-hole scoring record and lead by five.

Only at the British Open would old-guy champions Mark Calcavecchia and Tom Lehman sneak into contention, a la Tom Watson. “The old guys can hang with the young guys,” Calc said.

Only at the British Open
do they talk ad nauseam about the “draw.”

Only at the British Open are greens slower than LA freeways one day and have balls blowing off them the next.

And finally, only at the British Open
would Tigers Woods wave Tom Watson (who has been very critical of Woods) up on the 18th hole so the five-time Open champion could have his final moment in front of adoring fans before darkness fell. (Nicely done, Tiger.)

I’ll be watching on Saturday and Sunday because, well, anything can happen and I don’t want to miss it when it does.

−The Armchair Golfer

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Dutch said...

Yes,the 3rd round should be fun.
All depending on the weather of course.

Look, only if it'd blowing 40-50 MPH,then they ought to suspend play.
Anything less play on fellas!
Even if it's raining.

bkuehn1952 said...

Totally agree with you that it was a very thoughtful move by Tiger/Camillo/Justin to let the following group tee off. It would have been a shame to make Watson return in the morning to play one hole with no one around and then fly home.