Thursday, July 8

Paul Goydos Video: The Approach Shot and Putt for 59

I MIGHT HAVE KNOCKED that putt into the pond. I love Paul’s reaction. He seems so nonchalant. Hey, Goydos. YOU SHOT 59!! Can you give us a fist pump like David Duval? Something?

It must be weird to know that no matter how well you play tomorrow you will shoot a higher score. Unless ... naaaah.

−The Armchair Golfer


Tom Collins said...

I'm really happy for him...but I can't stop laughing because throughout my experiences seeing him in the various media centers on tour, he's one unhappy SOB. He's always complaining and looking unhappy. But I guess the nod from Pavin has really bumped up his game this year. Congrats, Paul.

Mark said...

I couldn't help but laugh at what Tom Collins says because he's right I can't ever remember seeing Goydos smile either.
Fantastic round of golf though and maybe now he'll believe in himself more. The pressure is really on now to win wire-to-wire with a 59.