Friday, August 13

Dark Conditions Halt Play at 92nd PGA Championship

WIDESPREAD DARKNESS HALTED PLAY around 8:30 CT at the 92nd PGA Championship. Many players were in the middle of their second rounds when they began squinting in the dimming light at Whistling Straits. Not long after PGA officials halted play as darkness enveloped the championship venue on the shores of Lake Michigan.

(Photo: Dark conditions forced players from the course in Kohler, Wisconsin / anderssporring, Flickr)

Darkness has stopped play at all prior PGA Championships. Officials were not concerned about the interruption, noting that the previous 91 PGAs had been scheduled and played during daylight hours.

Most players left the course and returned to their hotels to wait out the darkness delay. Play is expected to resume early on Saturday morning when light returns to the skies above the Pete Dye-designed golf course.

−The Armchair Golfer


Mel said...

You made my night - very funny!

Trisno said...

Great Golf Articles.
Warm regards from Indonesia

Dutch said...

Well....very eventful day...I caught the last 10 minutes....Well,Tiger fans...seems like Tiger's focus is still not there....his last put a lip out from about 2ft....These are mistakes that were not the characteristic of Tiger Woods...the errant drives were but shoddy putting weren't in the realm.
This putt reminded me of the putt on the 3rd round-18th hole of last years PGA championship for birdie in almost the same lighting condition...almost the same length of putt for birdie & he flubbed it.

I just don't know,he has so much to overcome(errant T-shots & shoddy putting)....seems doubtful to me that he will compete this weekend...but we will see.

And confirmation that it was just poor play & not his just repaired knee was the cause started about a year ago, also during the PGA tournament about that.

bkuehn1952 said...

Here on the other side of the lake we had the same conditions yesterday evening. Oddly, our darkness conditions seemed to occur about 30-60 minutes earlier than in Wisconsin. My guess is that the condition was spreading westward at a steady pace. Fortunately, as I write this, the darkness has dissipated and I can see our front yard.

Average Golfer said...

"mostly dark tonight, increasing light toward morning."

Chevy Chase on SNL I think.

The Armchair Golfer said...

AG: Ah yes, Weekend Update with Chevy Chase, right?

Average Golfer said...

Believe so. I have a good memory, but it's short.