Monday, August 9

‘Lost,’ Starring Tiger Woods

After all, this was more than just Pavarotti missing the high “C.” It was Houdini locking himself out of his own house. It was Michelangelo falling off the scaffold. It was Shakespeare splitting all his infinitives.
Global Golf Post, on Tiger Woods’s debacle at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational

TV’S “LOST” ISN’T OVER. It’s just shifted from a tropical island to a championship golf course, from an adventure-drama-fantasy to a grim reality show, from a cast of many to a cast of one—Tiger Woods.

“Lost,” the one-word headline I saw on this morning’s Global Golf Post, is the perfect adjective for Tiger Woods. “Unable to find one’s way” is one definition. It fits Eldrick at the moment, certainly on the golf course. Tiger can’t find a fairway, a green, or even his masterful putting stroke. First Tiger lost control of himself; now he’s lost control of his golf game. He’s stranded on an island of his own creation with no rescue in sight. It’s stunning. And it isn’t.

“Tiger seems lost with no way out” was the headline of an opinion piece penned by Tim Dahlberg of The Associated Press. “Woods is lost,” wrote’s Steve Elling. “His game is in tatters. His personal life is even worse. There is no refuge for the guy at the moment.” “Has Tiger Woods lost his mojo for good?” asked Former swing coach Butch Harmon also used the “L” word.

“I think people have figured out he’s just a human being,” Hunter Mahan, the player who rallied on Sunday to win the Bridgestone, said in January. Mahan also mentioned that “No one is scared of him [Tiger]” since Mr. Kryptonite, Y.E. Yang, killed off golf’s Superman at the 2009 PGA Championship.

You and I might be shocked by Tiger’s 298 at Firestone, but Tiger wasn’t. “No, it doesn’t surprise me at all actually.”

Only Swede Henrik Stenson spared Tiger the ultimate indignity of finishing dead last in a prestigious WGC event Tiger had won seven of nine times.

Lost. The most damaging four-letter word of all for Tiger Woods.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image: Keith Allison/Flickr)


Dutch said...

Well,what else is there to say.I think the people who he has around him has done him a disservice.

Woods don't give up until he just can't anymore....& it's a fatal flaw.....we see how long he persisted with Haney eventhough his swing was worse than it was prior...And so I guess the core of the people around him will stay in place....until something dreadful happens.....Why in hevens name is he near a golf tournament eventhough he really doesn't want to be there.....well it's perplexing but all in all he is just not mature enough to handle what was going to be the fallout from his xtra-curricular activities and we are seeing it.

But really folks if he had any dignity or pride...he won't show up to play when he knows full well he is not even prepared to play.

Average Golfer said...

It's not the people around him. It's him, him alone.

There are a few traumatic life events, some of which we all go through. Marriage, moving, job change, divorce, having children. Even some seemingly pleasant events are stressful and knock us for a loop.

Woods is in the middle of the storm with no definite end in sight. There will eventually be an end and then a healing period that's longer than he or golf fans realize. Then, and only then, will he have the motivation and clarity to resume his stellar golf career.

Cynthia Cronk said...

Great piece. I don't know him nor do any of us but, I would guess that Tiger finds his solace and his soul in golf and on the course. And he will keep returning to the course until as you said, he just can't because it is there he believes he finds who he really is. Part of comes from the winning which has eluded him due to all the distractions and personal turmoil. It was hard enough for him when he lost his dad, but this culmination of events - which he created for himself - has been a perfect storm of intensity that he was never prepared to handle having been raised to believe that pretty much nothing could touch him. Ah yes, the man is human after all. It's comforting, and hugely sad.

EFT Tapping (Natalie) said...

I think much of success for the top players in any sport is mental. Tiger needs to clean up his life and clean up his mind before he'll have a chance of getting his game back.

Hope he does it. That will be a winning story that could be inspirational to everyone.