Tuesday, August 10

Phil Mickelson Reveals Arthritic Condition at PGA Championship

PHIL MICKELSON HAS PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS, a potentially debilitating condition that first appeared before the U.S. Open. The world No. 2 golfer experienced pain in his ankle, left index finger and right wrist, which he treated with ibuprofen. But then the aches worsened and spread to his hips, ankle, elbows and shoulders.

“Every joint in my body started to hurt to where I couldn’t move,” Lefty said. “I would just lay down and couldn’t roll over.”

Mickelson has improved in the last two weeks after Mayo Clinic doctors prescribed a drug called Enbrel. He gives himself the weekly injections and said, “Things have been much better.”

Lefty also changed to a vegetarian diet since beginning the drug treatment.

−The Armchair Golfer


2ndSwingGolf said...

I kind of wonder if he might have had a case of the gout as well.

EFT Tapping (Natalie) said...

Arthritis stopped my mom's golfing career. Hope he beats this.