Wednesday, August 4

Tiger Woods on Putting, Practice and Kids

TIGER WOODS WILL RESUME his tumultuous (and winless) season on Thursday when the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational tees off at Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio. Tiger spoke on a range of subjects in today’s media conference, including the state of his game, the Ryder Cup, the one time he shot 59, and, of particular interest to me, his putting woes.

Following are excerpts concerning his putting and related issues.
Q. What’s your sense on what’s plagued your putt?
TIGER WOODS: Speed. My speed has been off all year. I’ve three-putted quite a few times, which I don’t do normally. Just had to go back to basics and practice a little bit more. I haven’t worked on my putting probably as much as I should have, probably the last couple years actually, so had to go back to that.

(Photo: Tiger hopes to break out of the worst putting slump of his career / Keith Allison, Flickr)

Q. I’d like to follow up on the putting question. Have your putting problems filtered at all into the rest of your game? Sometimes guys, when they’re not putting well press, they try to hit it closer or whatever. I’m just wondering if you’ve noticed that happen to you at all or think back if it has. And also, where are you, on which putter? Have you been experimenting?
TIGER WOODS: As far as pressing, no, I play the game for what it gives me on a particular day. Ironically I said to you guys at the British Open this is the best I’ve driven it in years and this is the worst I’ve ever putted. What a game. But as far as my putter, I’ve gone back to my old one. I know all the numbers show that the Method putter does roll the ball better, technology, just does. But I went back to something that I’m familiar with and had good results with.

Q. When did you stop practicing as much putting?

TIGER WOODS: I haven’t had time. I haven’t had as much time to practice overall with the kids. Life has changed.

Q. You kind of made it sound as though whatever your practice session is, you’re devoting more to the full swing.
TIGER WOODS: No, I haven’t practiced as much as I used to, nor should I. My kids are more important.
Tiger will be paired with Lee Westwood in the first two rounds, and said he looks forward to it. “I’ve always enjoyed playing with Westy. He’s a great guy.”

I don’t expect a win from Tiger this week. I realize his record at Firestone is phenomenal. I just don’t sense that his game and head are there yet.

−The Armchair Golfer

(All quotes courtesy of ASAP Sports)


Dutch said...

This is very sad to see this guy keeps making excuse after excuse for why his performance his mediocre.

My goosh! you would hope that someone with an ounce of dignity in his camp would tell him to just be performance sucks cuz my mind is just not on being the best golfer right now.

Instead we get well...."I just haven't played enough competitive rounds" "it's the kids"....I suck cuz I just can't practice as much anymore.....this once majestic golfer is starting to look very foolish with his excuses.....I was wondering just before the Open championship....if He (Tiger)didn't win ..what would be his next excuse for his poor performance....and now it's his kids.....How truly sad my goodness,what a shame.

How ironic when he had less time on his hands(sneaking time with other people)...his kids was not a he has more time...assuming he is not doing what he was prior....he is throwing in his kids as the reason for poor performance.

Look his mind is just not on golf....he ought to come out & say it...week after week we keep seeing his half-hearted attempts to win...he should have just taken the year off...instead of all the excuses... very pitiful.
This was a guy who didn't show up unless he was well prepared....well no one can say he is coming in prepared....just look how mediocre he is on the course.

Shockingly sad....

Anonymous said...

Before the scandal he could focus on golf as he knows that once the match is over, the wife & kids will always be home, waiting for his return. But now, not anymore. He's trying to hard to prove himself or to the wife that he can manage the kids & his career. Obviously, he can't. Let go, I would say. Let the wife bring the kids to Sweden where they can lead a normal, peaceful life so that he could concentrate on golf. He can't have both. It's sad but it's a fact.