Sunday, September 12

The Commemorative Ryder Cup Shotgun

GOLF AND GUNS GO together. Yep. At least they will at the 2010 Ryder Cup in Wales. The Celtic Manor Resort, Ryder Cup host venue, will display a specially commissioned shotgun “to celebrate the sporting links between shooting and golf.”

“The gun,” said Simon Gibson, chief executive of the holding company that owns Celtic Manor, “is a celebration of Wales hosting the Ryder Cup for the first time and the Welsh and British craftsmen involved in its design and construction have created a truly magnificent shotgun worthy of the occasion.”

Holloway & Naughton® manufactured the bespoke 12-bore game gun that features intricate engravings from Phil Coggan, a world-renowned Welsh engraver. Images include:

• A detailed portrait of Samuel Ryder, the seed merchant who created the Ryder Cup in 1927
• A Welsh dragon, the national symbol of Wales
• A bald eagle to represent the American visitors
• The Ryder Cup itself on the top lever
• A European flag on the trigger guard accentuated by gold stars

“It’s a work of art but also a fully functioning sporting gun hand built to the very highest specifications,” noted Andrew Harvison of Holloway & Naughton. The gun is the product of more than twelve hundred man-hours of workmanship.

The gun will be on display during the Ryder Cup from October 1-3 at Celtic Manor, the posh five-star resort in South Wales.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image courtesy of Celtic Manor)


Average Golfer said...

Shotgun start for singles play? Sorry, couldn't resist.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Somebody had to say it, Bob. Thanks for stepping up.

Unknown said...

There are some great Ryder Cup clips in British Pathe's online film archive and I think one of them contains a gun somewhere.