Wednesday, September 15

VIDEO: Random Stuff About Dustin Johnson

DUSTIN JOHNSON IS FRED COUPLES 2.0. He hits it a mile and could shrug off the end of the world. He’s that easy going. And, like Freddie, he’s probably going to win a bunch of golf tournaments and make it look a little too easy. Watch the video to learn a bit more about Dustin. An incomplete recap is below.

The stuff you probably know:
From Myrtle Beach. Works out but takes a week off here and there. First PGA Tour win at Turning Stone. Likes to spend downtime in the great outdoors.

The stuff you probably don’t know:

All jobs growing up were golf related. (Toughest was kitchen duty.) His dad was a club pro, which is how Dustin got started in golf. Favorite TV shows are Entourage and True Blood. No nickname. Just DJ. Likes (and has played golf with) South Carolina football coach Steve Spurrier. Knows South Carolina Gamecocks fight song, but won’t sing it on camera. “No chance,” Dustin said, laughing.

−The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...

Or how about that he was an accessory to murder in 2001, and had a DUI last year?

The Armchair Golfer said...

Yes, he's had his brushes with the law. Certainly not things the PGA Tour was going to highlight in its video clip.

The way I understand it, Johnson was considered an accessory for buying the ammo for a gun used in a burglary, and the gun was later used in a murder. Dustin testified in the trial and was later granted a full pardon by South Carolina. Hopefully, he'll stay out of any more trouble.