Tuesday, October 12

Paula Creamer Rocks The Price Is Right

WHAT IS PAULA CREAMER doing with Drew Carey? And did Drew call her Paula Kramer? It sure sounds like it to me.

The U.S. Women’s Open champion appeared on The Price Is Right. The show aired today. Paula sank a putt. Then a contestant sank a putt for a car. And the crowd went crazy! (The crowd always goes crazy on The Price Is Right.)

Paula later showcased TaylorMade and Addidas gear, custom club fitting, and a trip for two to Palm Springs. Wait, there’s more! Yes, a trip to Orlando to play golf and have lunch with Paula at Isleworth.

It was all good fun. Watch out, Drew Carey. I think Paula could steal your job if she wanted it.

−The Armchair Golfer

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Bobby said...

It should be noticed that Drew has a business relationship with adidas, the parent company of TaylorMade. The soccer team Drew is co-owner has a uniform deal with adidas.

So naturally, adidas golf decided to spruce up "Hole in One" with TaylorMade golf balls and TaylorMade clubs. The old-style golf bag (which was designed because the previous host, an animal rights activist, opposed leather products on the show) was replaced with a new TaylorMade golf bag stitched with the show's logo.

Drew will try to have TaylorMade professionals do the Inspiration Putt because of his adidas connections. Maybe one before The Masters?