Thursday, December 23

The 7 Most Effective Ways to Quit Golf

I LIKE THIS GAME. I really do. I’m not an advocate of quitting, but I realize that some may need to take that drastic step. If you’re at a point where you need to end your relationship with golf, then it’s wise to seek professional help. Will Robins is a PGA member and experienced golf coach who can help you make a clean break from this bedeviling game. Godspeed.

Here’s a recap of the seven most effective ways to quit golf that are demonstrated in Robins’ video.

1. The bag toss.

2. The hit and run.

3. The shallow grave.

4. How to break a club.

5. Le cement de corden bleu.

6. Compton style.

7. Adding a little flare.

−The Armchair Golfer


LoneWolf said...

Favorite way has to be compton style

mike leopold said...

Well, I have tried #4. I guess once you have finished the list, your golf career is officially over.