Monday, December 20

Golf Digest’s 10 Best Golf States

WHEN I THINK OF best golf states, I think of perpetual sunshine, warm temperatures and a year-round golf season. In other words, Hawaii, California, Arizona, Florida and South Carolina. But this list surprised me, and might surprise you as well.

Golf Digest ranked America’s 10 best golf states based on top public courses per capita. And here they are.

1. Hawaii
Comment: Of course.

2. South Carolina

Comment: I’m only five or six hours from Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Kiawah. That’s too far.

3. Nevada
Comment: Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe. Need I say more?

4. Michigan

Comment: Surprise! Michigan has more five-star courses than any other state.

5. Wisconsin
Comment: Home of Whistling Straits and 68 other four-star or higher courses.

6. Colorado
Comments: Not just ski resorts.

7. Vermont
Comment: Really? Yes, the second least-populous state in the union has good golf (per capita).

8. Nebraska
Comment: No need for Warren Buffet to leave his home state to tee it up.

9. Arizona
Comment: No surprise.

10. North Dakota
Comment: Seriously, Golf Digest? Yes. The season may be short but the green fees and people are known to be friendly.

Read more about the magazine’s 10 best golf states and view a slide show here.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Image: James Workman/Flickr)

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