Saturday, December 11

‘Scotland’s Caddies’ on Cheating

THE ABOVE AMUSING CLIP on the subject of cheating is from Scotland’s Caddies, a new 69-minute documentary about caddies from St. Andrews, Gleneagles, Dornoch, Troon, Turnberry and other famous Scottish courses. Apparently, these bag-toting characters have more than a few tales to tell.

The film was made by Ron Colby, who collected footage of Scotland’s storied courses and colorful caddies during a month-long golf trip in 2009. Scottish courses, villages and pubs serve as the backdrop for yarn spinners such as Jimmie Kelly and William Cowan.

“Miraculously, filming just seemed to fall into place,” Colby said in the announcement. “The caddies themselves were very forthcoming, regaling us with jokes, insights on the game, and stories about celebrities who gave them bad tips.”

You can watch more clips here, and learn more about (or order) the documentary here.

−The Armchair Golfer

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