Monday, February 14

Be Mine, Pebble Beach Golf Links

D.A. POINTS AND BILL MURRAY won the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am. Yeah, whatever.

The real question on this Valentine’s Day—and as I stared longingly at Pebble on my TV screen on Sunday—is this: When am I going to play America’s majestic golf sweetheart? When will Pebble Beach Golf Links be mine, if only for a day?

I had a goal. The goal was to play Pebble by my 40th birthday. I talked to my pop about it. He would be 70. I lived in Seattle. He lived in Southern California. We could meet in between on the Monterey Peninsula. It didn’t happen. Several birthdays have since passed. Now I live on the East Coast.

At the time, I could get my head around $250 green fees. Now Pebble is up to $495 for 18 holes, among the highest green fees in the galaxy. A caddie runs $75. The suggested gratuity is $50. On the other hand, you can ride a cart for only $35.

I realize my chances of playing Pebble are not improving. Distance and dough are coming between us. Maybe I need to rethink this item on my bucket list. (This is starting to get a bit maudlin. Sorry.)

In an article at, PGA professional Danny Elkins wrote, “Pebble Beach is the type of course that every golfer should aspire to visit. It’s not about your score when you play there, it’s more about the experience of playing there. The scenery and setting, the history and the challenge will last you a lifetime.”

I’m a sometimes golfer. So, yes, Danny, I still aspire to get there. I haven’t lost hope.

And if I do make it to Pebble, I promise, promise, promise I won’t spit on the greens—or anywhere else, for that matter. I’ll drool uncontrollably. And there’s a very good chance I’ll pee my pants. But I would never spit. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

−The Armchair Golfer


bkuehn1952 said...

Your story was about to bring a tear to me eye, ... , then I got to the last paragraph and almost snort my wine out the ole nasal cavity!

Well done. It was almost paraprosdokian (a new word I learned recently).

The Armchair Golfer said...

Thank you, bkuehn1952. Your comment is just one more reminder that there are many ways to exude our affection (and bodily fluids) for this great game.

Matt said...

Pebble Beach is a great course for the bucket list but the prices are absurd. I luckily played there and it was definitely awesome. Good luck checking that one off. My bucket list includes St. Andrews and Augusta.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Matt: I actually think St. Andrews is as good a possibility as Pebble. I may get to Scotland first.

Anonymous said...

Pebble Beach is all about the experience and the memories created. It’s expensive, but sometimes there are deals out there to play for around $325-350 without staying at the Lodge or where ever they demand.

I hope that you have the opportunity to play the course, especially before they destroy the 14th green.

I just wrote a post about this. If you have a chance I’d like to know your thoughts:

Great blog and I’ll be checking back.