Saturday, March 5

The Edinburgh Airport Taxis Golfing Society

I DISCOVERED THE EDINBURGH Airport Taxis Golfing Society this past week when they began following me on Twitter. The name grabbed me, so I checked out their site. The society consists of about 40 Edinburgh-based cabbies who love the small ball. It was started in the mid 1990s by a cabbie named Jimmy Hopper, who thought golf was the perfect respite from the airport taxi trade.

The boys play eight annual events from March through September. All are Stableford (a points system) competitions. The golfer with the highest point total at the end of the season is “Player of the Year.”

Many of the members are profiled on the site, including nicknames, handicaps and strengths and weaknesses. The society has a five-man committee and conducts an annual meeting at the season’s final event.

I can tell these blokes have fun on the links. If I’m ever in Edinburgh, I’d like to hop in one of their cabs and ride to the course for a friendly round and a pint.

−The Armchair Golfer

(Photo: Courtesy of EATGS)


Pogue975 said...

I plan on being in Edinburgh next year. Hopefully I get the chance to hit some 9-irons. Im thinking I will just leave my clubs at home, and buy some from a sporting store when I get there.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Sounds like a plan. I often leave my clubs at home, especially if I'm not sure about the golf. Borrowing or renting a set works fine for an impromptu round.

Dave McCulloch said...

Your welcome anytime guys if we can fit you in. Check out our event dates on our website and if you are in Edinburgh at the time let us know.We are a friendly Society.

Anonymous said...

Lost all my photos of the Kwaei mate, how can I get them.. One of the young guys that helped me sadly past away last week . Willie Nik

Vitkacy W said...

i have no idea this kind of society exist! That's great :)

Greetings from taxi from Edinburgh airport