Wednesday, March 23

An Orginal Golf Blog Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Editor’s note: This week marks the 7th anniversary of, founded by John Retzer. The first GolfBlogger post appeared on March 22, 2004, making it one of the original golf blogs.

By John Retzer

GOLFBLOGGER IS, TO MY KNOWLEDGE, the second oldest golf blog (the other is less than two months older). So when I started there really were no models to follow. I did not want to turn GolfBlogger into a site that simply recycled news on the PGA Tour.

Instead, my models were Instapundit, Gizmodo and BoingBoing. Like Instapundit, I decided to offer short, pithy comments and links to (golf) news; as with Gizmodo, I planned to link to new (golf) products and review them; and following BoingBoing’s lead, I would write about and link to (golf related) things that interest me or that I found cool. Finally, as with any blog, I would offer observations on life—in this case, my golfing life.

In the past year, I’ve published 1,300 posts, bringing the grand total to 6,478. In doing so, I continue to avoid the fate of thousands of others who have started a golf blog—that of writing a few pieces and then losing interest. The Internet is littered with the corpses of abandoned blogs. And yet, through it all, GolfBlogger remains a part-time effort. I like teaching high school, and have no intention of turning the blog into a full-time gig.

I’ve kept the blog going because I love to write. Before I changed careers to become a teacher, I was a professional editor and ghostwriter. I also love golf, so the match was a natural. In fact, I find that writing for GolfBlogger has become a compulsion.

I’d like to thank the many, many thousands who make a habit of visiting the site, and the sponsors who make it financially possible for me to keep it going.

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