Tuesday, October 11

Tiger Is ‘Back’ When He Wins

A LOT OF FOLKS HAVE BEEN assessing Tiger Woods’s performance at the Frys.com Open. Local Knowledge, a Golf Digest blog, went a step further in a piece published last Friday.

Tiger Woods at the 2009 AT&T National.
“How do we know when Tiger is ‘Back’?” was one of the headlines for the article. A couple of excerpts:
It has become a popular phrase, whether watching in person or from afar, as we’ve followed Tiger Woods through these tumultuous couple of years. Woods does something right—anything right, really—and there are the inevitable cries of, “He’s back!”

The point is, even as he’s plummeted down the world rankings, there have been at least glimpses of the player that made us all so fascinated with Woods in the first place, something we’ve touched upon several times before. But it does inspire an important question: as he approaches his 36th birthday, what is now the definition of “back” for Woods?
That’s easy for me. As a couple of commenters at Local Knowledge said, Tiger is back when he wins again. First, a regular event. And then a major.

How could “back” mean anything else for the era’s greatest golfer, a man who has won 71 PGA Tour titles and 14 majors?

What do you think?

−The Armchair Golfer

(Photo credit: Chase McAlpine, Flickr, Creative Commons license)


Golf Corners said...

The word "back" has a different meaning when talking about Tiger Woods. This is not the "back" that means he is out of a slump or has been out due to injury. The word's meaning has grown exponentially since the word "back" will mean back from the hell he put himself into with his off-the-course activities.

Most people seem to be anxious for Tiger to get "back" to the way he was before his personal life came to light rather than "back" in the winner's circle. This will be sure to follow once he is his old self again.

Anonymous said...


Tiger is back like I'm back playing my local muni. What's in the forefront of everyone's mind is the assault on Jack's record. Will he break it? I'm definitely in the "No" camp.

I'd be interested on your perspective; where do you stand?