Monday, November 21

Missed Opportunity for Internationals

THERE WERE MANY GOOD THINGS about the Presidents Cup. No, it’s not the Ryder Cup, but the event is growing in stature and importance. At least that’s my sense as a golf fan.

It’s competitive, too. The 19-15 result in favor of the Americans at Royal Melbourne could have been closer. Despite a four-point deficit, the International team kept it interesting for a long while on the final day. Their first four men out won their singles matches against the Americans. The singles session ended in a tie, 6-6, a good sign for the Internationals. The U.S. boys have a history of dominant singles play.

The foursomes were the downfall of the International team, as captain Greg Norman lamented. They got blitzed, and I’m not sure why. I wasn’t paying close enough attention. Apparently, Norman had some choice words for his team. He tried to light a fire, but they still had to hit the shots and roll in the putts, and they couldn’t quite get it done this time.

That has to be a disappointment, especially for an International team stacked with Australians playing a home game at Royal Melbourne Golf Club. All of the Aussies except Geoff Ogilvy posted losing records for the week. Norman surely expected a much better performance from the mates.

Meanwhile, the Americans played well overall. Some were downright inspired. Tiger Woods finally looks like he is on the way back. His ball striking was impressive and, as the week wore on, the putts started falling. It was sort of like old times. Tiger might have smiled more on the golf course in the last few days than in the last five years.

Freddie’s ultra-early captain’s pick came through. It’s now more obvious that Tiger has been putting a lot of work into his game. That slump-breaking win must be somewhere on the 2012 tournament calendar. Any predictions?

−The Armchair Golfer


Anonymous said...


I think Tiger returns to top 20 in the world status but wins with no more regularity than any other tour stars. He'll be on par with Donald, McIlroy, GMac, etc but will never return to the level he once was at.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I've had similar thoughts, Brian, but his performance at Royal Melbourne reminded me of the "old" Tiger. It's the majors I wonder about. They're hard to win. He'll have to putt well.

Anonymous said...

I am most often stunned when they asked Golf commentators,if Woods would win another major and almost all will answer "no" except for Flaherty & Maltbie.I never doubted Wood's ability,I just thought it was his desire that was lacking in the preceding 2yrs.

But then Tiger is perhaps wholly responsible for giving folks the impression his game was done.....Tiger would keep saying he was almost back to good,then go out and spray shots all over the golf course.

However,lets no forget Woods changed his swing & during that time was hampered by injuries...not even Tiger Woods can overcome such handicap in a short time.

After his performance at Royal Melbourne I am with johnny Miller don't be surprised if Woods wins 3-4 tournaments and a couple of majors in 2012.

I am not worried about his putting,it's his stroke off the tee that has always been his nemesis.

Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with anonymous...Woods has been the one responsible for the impression he was ready to win when he wasn't even close.

It's a perfect example of dogged determination...Tiger doesn't give away anything,and it's why he would surpass jack's record.

The way he carved Royal Melbourne on the last day was what impressed me,seems to me only Furyk did the same.Go take a look at his interview before Royal Melbourne & watch one from the preceeding 2yrs,completely different bloke.

Good to see the dude feeling good once more.

Mark said...

Fun to watch and tons of hype for golf this time of year!