Wednesday, December 21

Lee Westwood, Golf and Dance Man

LEE WESTWOOD BLISTERED THE GOLF COURSE in winning the Thailand Open last week by seven shots. The Englishman opened with 60 and 64 and cruised home with a 22-under total of 266. It came on the heels of his win at the Nedbank Golf Challenge in South Africa and was his third victory of the 2011 season.

Westwood has risen to No. 2 in the Official World Golf Ranking and intends to spend more time on the PGA Tour during the coming season as preparation for winning that elusive first major championship.

But, as I learned from John Huggan’s reporting in The Scotsman, the man from Worksop has a fallback plan of sorts. Whenever it’s time to hang up the sticks, Westwood may just strap on the dance shoes.

Huggan wrote that golf’s world No. 2 “is favourably inclined to give Strictly Come Dancing a try.” (Strictly Come Dancing inspired America’s Dancing with the Stars and several other international dance shows.)

“In retirement I’d love to have a go,” Westwood told Huggan. “My Nan and Grandad used to run an old-time dance school, so I did do a bit when I was a little boy. I was even ‘highly commended’ in a couple of dances: the Lilac Waltz and the Boston Two-Step. And I’ve still got the medals to prove it.

“We’re talking 30 years ago mind. So it’s been a while since I slipped on my patent dancing shoes. I’m a bit out of practice. But I’d have a fair idea going in. Although I’m not too sure how I’d look in those tight sequined outfits. I think I’d have to lose some weight. And the fake tan? I’d have to get the hair-removing cream out first!”

Added Huggan: “Quite apart from any insider knowledge gained in childhood, Westwood would make the ideal Strictly competitor. Given the dedication and discipline he routinely brings to his day job, no one in the starting line-up would take it more seriously and try harder to improve.”

It can’t be any harder than putting those mammoth, undulating greens at Augusta National, right?

−The Armchair Golfer


Mark said...

He is awesome...heard a few comments about some remarks towards Americans but I didn't catch what it was about.....

The Armchair Golfer said...

Lee is a clever fellow. Needs a major and then he can have a victory dance.