Sunday, January 8

Can 2 Men Shave 10 Strokes in 4 Days?

Pinehurst No. 2 is the site of a unique golf challenge.
TWO MEN. TEN STROKES. FOUR DAYS. With famed Pinehurst No. 2 as the backdrop.

That is the scenario facing Bill Friese and Mike McClanahan in Pinehurst Golf Academy’s “Take 10 Challenge,” a weekly six-part web series that launched last Wednesday with the first episode at

The two mid 40-year-old, high-handicap golfers (Friese 20, McClanahan 18), who have had limited lessons and have never attended a golf school, are challenged to shave 10 strokes off their first-round scores following four days of instruction at the Pinehurst Golf Academy.

“I always felt like I could be that really good golfer,” said McClanahan. “But I realized that I needed help. It was a real thrill attacking the challenge, and I hope people enjoy watching our journey.”

The 44-year-old McClanahan is a real estate agent from nearby Greensboro, North Carolina. Friese is a hospitality executive from Montana. The series follows the exhilaration and frustration of the two average golfers working to improve their games.

An opening-day round on Pinehurst No. 2 sets the stage for four days of intense instruction at the Academy, which is run by Eric Alpenfels, one of Golf Magazine’s top 100 instructors. The series concludes on February 8 with a pressure-packed final episode, during which the two golfers again tackle No. 2, the home to the 2014 U.S. Open and U.S. Women’s Open Championships.

“It was a challenge for us, as much as for Bill and Mike,” Alpenfels said. “We wanted so much to help them shave 10 strokes.”

Alpenfels and the Pinehurst Golf Academy team will participate in a weekly Q&A session on Pinehurst’s Facebook page. Followers can ask questions of Alpenfels, who will respond with tips and information related to the previous episode.

(Source: Pinehurst Resort)

(Photo credit: scbluedevil, Flickr, Creative Commons license)

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Troy Vayanos said...

That's a massive challenge for the guys. At least they have plenty of handicap to work with.

The key for them is how much they listen to the instruction and are able to implement into their golf game in such a short time.

I wish them both well.