Saturday, February 11

Clint Eastwood Heads to Back9

CLINT EASTWOOD HAS JOINED FORCES with the Back9Network, a golf lifestyle network. Eastwood, a founding shareholder of the network, will serve as creative board chairman.

“I reckon I’m right popular,” Eastwood said.

(No, sorry. That was in “The Outlaw Josey Wales.”)

In his new role, the 81-year-old film legend will meet with Back9 executives once per quarter to review programming and casting choices for the network, which is currently in talks with distributors and is slated to launch later this spring.

“It was natural to seek his advice,” said Back9’s chief executive James Bosworth, who was an assistant pro at Pebble Beach in the mid-1990’s when he first met Eastwood.

“There’s no better guy to go to for a golf media company.”

No, there’s not. Clint is the ultimate go-to guy. They better not mess with him either.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Neil - thanks for the mention, pal. Has John Raser reached out to you about possible blogging opportunities on our "soon" eb site?
Keep me posted via

The Armchair Golfer said...

Thanks, Bill. Good to hear from you. All the best with Back9.

GolfTechGirl said...

This is great! Clint Eastwood is a great fit with Back9 Network!