Monday, February 20

Johnny Miller Dusts Off the ‘Reverse C’

I CAN’T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME someone mentioned the “Reverse C.” Maybe you’ve never heard of it. It’s definitely old school.

Well, old school is in session with Johnny Miller. In the first of a series for Golf Magazine, Johnny explains why a Reverse C finish can result in straighter shots. He also introduces a drill that helps control the clubhead at impact.

Throughout the series, Miller will talk about 12 golf legends and the swing keys and signature moves that made them great.

As I wrote here, in his heyday Johnny Miller was the best iron player I ever saw. Of course, I never saw Ben Hogan.


Bob said...

This is an extremely interesting post. Some good stuff in that video too.

Will o'the Glen said...

I will have to wait until I get home to view the video (video feeds are blocked by the IT department at my place of employment), but I will say that anyone who states that any action taken after the ball leaves the club face has any effect whatsoever on the flight of the ball is mistaken -- EVEN Johnny Miller

Unknown said...

Although I absolutely agree with your comment (once the ball is gone; it's gone), I must add that imo the 'follow-through' is just as important as the 'delivery'.

It's my belief that any particular follow through is the result of getting the club face into that certain 'almost' instantaneous position that creates the desired ball flight.

Also, the follow through for any particular club face path is what keeps your body from being injured by that particular swing path.