Tuesday, March 20

VIDEO: The Gospel According to Luke Donald

LUKE DONALD, BACK ON TOP of the golf world after his sudden-death playoff victory at the Transitions Championship, presents “The Iron Truth” on behalf of equipment sponsor Mizuno.

“Golf isn’t always about hitting it longer off the tee,” Luke says. “I’m living proof that in reality good iron play is where the game can be won.

“I was able to climb to No. 1 in the world not because I’m the longest off the tee, but because of precise iron play and a solid short game. The Iron Truth is quite obvious. If you want to improve your game, it starts with what you can do with your irons. End of story.”

Preach it, brother Luke. Can I get an amen?


Todd W said...

Congrats to LD on his success. However, I find the "Gospel of Luke" ad campaign in very poor taste. The gospel according to Luke helps us know the truth of salvation in Jesus Christ, and this approach demonstrates how advertising can so flippantly retread sacred themes into banality and expect little backlash. Contrary to popular belief, many people still have a deep seated faith in the actual Gospel. I continue to find it interesting that such mockery is not made of other religious worldviews.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Todd, thanks for your viewpoint. I can understand where you're coming from -- it's a reaction I would expect to a campaign like this one. I'm one who has faith in the actual Gospel of Luke and Jesus Christ, and I don't find this offensive. Maybe I should, but I don't. It don't feel like it's mocking my faith, which I do take seriously. And I certainly won't be worshiping Luke Donald, although I admit that I covet his putting stroke.