Saturday, April 21’s Michael Collins Responds to Sean Foley

IN RESPONSE TO SEAN FOLEY’S CRITICISM of media treatment of Tiger Woods, Michael Collins of says you (Foley) do your job and I’ll do mine. (He says it nicely.) And he shares a few other thoughts.

I think Collins makes some sensible observations. Yes, Tiger gets “killed” in the media. The coverage is constant and over-the-top. But, all too often, Tiger does not help himself with regard to the media and in the public eye. If, as Foley said, Tiger is a “wonderful person” and a “good dude,” then he does a consistent job of hiding it from the rest of us.

What do you think?


Shawn C said...

I'm waiting for the "new" and "kinder" Tiger when he talks to the media.

Anonymous said...

Armchair,I am with you on this.
Yes the media "kills" Tiger but Tiger doesn't seem to want to help himself.

This past Masters, a prime would hope someone with some kind of "influence" would help him to understand that his outbursts are not helpful,most of all to his own name.

Someway,to rebuild his image eh ?
Look,I just hope I am wrong and Tiger is not on the road to where this ends badly.

Benjamin Ehinger said...

I personally wish Tiger would tell the media to leave him alone and let him play golf. Of course, I also think he should play three times a month until he finds his game again.