Saturday, April 14

Hit It, Alice

THIS IS NOT YOUR NORMAL GOLF magazine cover. Alice Cooper rocks a recent issue of Arizona Golf Central Magazine.

The 64-year-old Cooper, whose real name is Vincent Damon Furnier, has a crazy love for golf. The rock star credits the game for helping him overcome alcohol addiction. As Cooper has said, he traded one addiction for another.

Cooper reportedly tees it up six days a week and has played to a two handicap. He also has appeared in commercials for Callaway golf equipment.


Dave Andrews said...

I remember back in college (about 1972) I was on a stage security detail at Boston Garden for a performance by Alice Cooper's band. Stood in front of the stage and got pelted by marajuana cigarettes and panties the kids were trying to throw up to Alice on stage. :)
Who would have guessed we'd both be golf nuts in out 60's.

golf in minnesota said...

Make it three golf nuts in our 60's. Way to go Alice, golf is a much better addicition. I wish I could play 6 times in a week not just on weekends and holidays.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Golf seems to be a helpful path to recovery for many addicts. I don't think I could play six days a week, though. And I do love the game.