Tuesday, April 17

Stanford Graduate Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie drives at Siam Country Club. (brianewen)
THE GRADES ARE IN. MICHELLE WIE passed. In a video I watched at LPGA.com, Michelle called herself a recent Stanford grad. What do you think about that?

As a dad of two daughters, I’ve been thinking a lot about college. Our oldest is a junior in high school, so we’ve been traveling throughout Virginia this spring looking at schools, large and small, public and private. I’m bullish about college, and I hope (expect, really) my daughters to receive a better education than their dad got. (Not that there’s anything wrong with my bachelor’s degree.) Neither girl is a golf prodigy. Sadly, neither of them even play golf. But that’s OK—they have other talents and interests.

Wie, of course, didn’t have to go to college, but it had always been a goal of hers. Her degree is in communications.

“I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it,” she said a couple of weeks ago before the Kraft Nabisco Championship.

Still only 22, Wie has two LPGA wins. She wants to win more and see how good she can be. It’s full speed ahead as she will now compete on the LPGA Tour on a full-time basis.


Bo said...

Smart move by Wie to get a degree. It seems there are too many athletes these days foregoing college and going straight to the pro ranks.

Although a majority end up doing well, there are a few that don't end up as successful as they had hoped (Ty Tryon). I believe Wie will go on to have a successful career but it is always smart to have a backup plan.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I'm impressed that she got her degree--and from Stanford--despite people who said it was a waste of her time and golf talent. It was something she really wanted to do. Obviously, she didn't need the degree in order to earn significant money.

Patricia Hannigan said...

There were many who criticized Michelle Wie's parents earlier on but I'm certain they were at least part of what motivated Michelle to get a degree. I think they've guided their daughter very well as she's grown up and navigated her way to where she is now, with a bachelors degree from a respected school, a couple of wins on the LPGA tour. Not to mention several lucrative sponsorships. The family seems to really enjoy being together too. Which is awesome.