Friday, April 20

Tour Pros Reveal Favorite Snacks

This old standby is still in the golf bag.
WHAT DO TOUR PROS SNACK ON when they’re out on the golf course grinding for a decent score?

Nuts, for one thing. And lots of other stuff, according to “What’s in My Belly” from Golf Digest. Here’s a sampling.

Bill Haas: Dried berries and nuts. Doesn’t go for the PB&J sandwich—too lazy to make one.  

Fredrik Jacobson: Venison jerky, made by his surfing buddy.

Adam Scott: Clif Bars.

Yani Tseng: Chocolate-covered almonds.

Aaron Baddeley: Also almonds, but of the Sesame Street variety.

Jim Furyk: Energy bars. Larabars are a favorite.

Steve Marino: Nunn tablets in water keep him energized.

Ben Crane: Back Nine Lytes (electrolyte) pills to stay hydrated.

Matt Kuchar: Unsalted almonds.

Brittany Lincicome: PB&J sandwiches, granola bars and bananas.

Ben Curtis: Peanut butter crackers, granola bars and Amino Vital.

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