Tuesday, June 5

Best Tiger-Woods-Is-Back Headline

He’s backagain. (Chase)
TIGER WOODS WON A GOLF TOURNAMENT. Not just any golf tournament, Jack’s golf tournament, The Memorial. How fitting. His 73rd PGA Tour title, Tiger is now tied with Jack Nicklaus. Again, how fitting.

I’m going to say that Tiger has now done more “backs” than some spine surgeons. And so have headline writers. Here are some that have appeared since Sunday’s exciting conclusion in Dublin, Ohio:

“Roller-coaster ride that is Woods’ comeback is on upswing—for now” (PGA.com)

“Tiger Woods Is Back After Winning Memorial Tournament” (HuffingtonPost.com)

“Vote: Is Tiger Woods back at the top of his game?” (CBSNews.com)

“Tiger Woods is back in the winner’s circle, but is he back to being the world’s top golfer?” (Washington Post)

“Tiger Woods: Why He’s Back and Can Still Be Better Than Ever” (Bleacher Report)

“Tiger Woods feels back to his old self after winning Memorial Tournament” (The Telegraph)

And the best?

I say this one from The Onion, America’s Finest News Source:

“Tiger Woods Back Again After Being Back From Being Back”

(Visor tip: Geoff Shackelford)


Anonymous said...

Is he back isn't he back....lets see how he performs in San Francisco before we go overboard.

His Memorial performance was like his performance at the Prez Cup in Australia but then he fizzled after that.So lets see what happens at the US open.

He doesn't have to win the US open to be back but he must contend if he is really back.

Alice said...

I know Tiger Woods will be back with greatness! Don't fail me Woods.