Tuesday, June 26

Pounding Balls on 2nd Ave. in Downtown Seattle

IMAGINE STEPPING OUT OF YOUR OFFICE during your lunch hour and hitting range balls under the watchful eye of a well-regarded teaching professional. Some people had that opportunity recently on a busy street in downtown Seattle.

Using a pop-up driving range that closed down 2nd Ave., PGA pro Jeff Coston took his brand of golf instruction to the streets. The unusual experiment was made possible by GoPayment, a mobile credit-card reader and app from Intuit.

“Jeff Coston is a righteous dude,” commented a 49-year-old male. “I’d love to take golf lessons from him at his academy.”

A golf pro and driving range that come directly to where you work. How cool is that? I guess you’d have to eliminate “no time” and “can’t get to the course” from the golf excuse list.

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