Saturday, June 30

Two Men, a Golf Ball and a Mercedes Set a World Record

F1 LEGEND DAVID COULTHARD CAUGHT A GOLF BALL rocketing through the air using a speedy automobile. A 2012 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Roadster, to be precise. In the process, Coulthard set a new Guinness World Record. And why wouldn’t he? I mean, how many people are trying this stunt?

The golf ball, struck by pro golfer Jake Shepherd, was clocked at an air speed of 178 mph. Meanwhile, the 571-horsepower Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster was traveling at more than 120 mph. Ball and car met 900 feet down the airport runway in Surrey, England.

(That’s 300 yards, right? Nice poke, Jake.)

One more thing: They did it (and set the world record) on just the second attempt of the day. No sense doddling. Well done, men.



That'll be the Golf Refugees original black golf ball.

Homeland Golf Course said...

Pretty impressive. What was the World Record though? Longest Drive caught by a moving car, fastest moving car to catch a golf bal??