Monday, July 30

The Simpsons Welcome Baby Daughter

A 2011 profile of Webb Simpson and family.

I DIDN’T WATCH GOLF THIS WEEKEND. I thought I was going to watch the final round of the RBC Canadian Open but instead went to a music festival when a friend invited me at the last minute.

What did I miss?

So I bring you news about someone else who has been away from the game—U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson. On Saturday, his wife, Dowd, gave birth to a daughter named Willow Grace. (I, too, have a daughter with the middle name of Grace.) Mother and daughter are doing well, according to Simpson’s agent. The Simpsons also have a son named James.

Simpson, who skipped the British Open in anticipation of his daughter’s birth, is expected to return to action next week for the PGA Championship at The Ocean Course on Kiawah Island, South Carolina.


Unknown said...

I'm bowled over. Your daughter's middle name is the same as the Simpsons'. Fascinating.

Having received a number of these "blogs," most of which are equally as fatuous, I'll unsubscribe. The armchair is far too soft. Has it always been pablum, or are the laurels squashed from resting?

The Armchair Golfer said...

Thanks for giving this armchair a try, Nils.