Wednesday, August 8

Sadly Missing at PGA Championship: Jim Huber

Jim Huber
AS YOU MIGHT RECALL, VETERAN BROADCASTER and essayist Jim Huber died suddenly in January at the age of 67. Huber spent most of his award-winning career at CNN/Sports Illustrated and Turner Sports. Jim loved golf, covering it for years with a soft-spoken grace befitting the game. He was a steady presence at TNT and’s coordinating producer John Kim has penned a tribute to Huber, who I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2011 U.S. Open at Congressional.

In “Lessons from Jim: Huber’s wisdom lives on,” Kim writes, “As we start our coverage here from the season’s final major, we will all try to remember and emulate the class, style and grace that Jim defined so well for us for so many years.” Kim’s five lessons learned from his colleague are not all that surprising. You’ll recognize them. We know these things. What’s perhaps surprising is to see them all quietly exemplified by an unpretentious media personality.

Kim closes:
So as we cover this exciting tournament here at beautiful Kiawah Island, we are full of energy, excitement, pride and anticipation. But all of us here at and the PGA of America also have a heavy heart. We will miss the insight, the talent and the dedication of Jim Huber. But even more, we miss our friend. There’s no way we’re as good this year as we were last year, but we’ll be fine and bring you the best coverage you've ever seen on the web. We learned quite a bit from our pal.
I also want to remind you about FOUR DAYS IN JULY, Jim’s fine book about Tom Watson’s near win at the 2009 Open Championship.

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Anonymous said...

An absolute brilliant TV essayist.
His TV work was terrific.