Wednesday, September 26

Lanny Wadkins: ‘Get Ready for a Fight’

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO REMEMBER the Lanny Wadkins era, his below comments about the Ryder Cup will probably be no surprise. Lanny was a great Ryder Cup player, winning 21½ points in eight appearances. To my knowledge, Billy Casper and Arnold Palmer are the only U.S. players who have won more Ryder Cup points. (I looked it up but may have missed someone.)

Unfortunately, Lannys captaincy in 1995 at Oak Hill did not turn out so well. The Europeans won in gut-wrenching fashion, 14½ to 13½.

Wadkinss following comments are highlights from tonightFeherty Live from the Ryder Cup, which airs at 9 p.m. ET on Golf Channel.

Just get ready for a fight, No. 1," Lanny said. And No. 2, you know, you have to go out therefriendliness is gone.

“I didnt play Ryder Cups happy. Im not sure I did a whole lot in golf happy.

But Ryder Cups, it was all about how badly can I beat this guy; and if I can beat him that bad, lets beat him worse. They have to take that to heart.

If I was going to tell the American team something right now, it would be to get ready to step on their neck and twist your foot. I mean, thats what I want to see happen ... You’ve got to be mean.

Its a whole different attitude. It only comes along once every two years. Youve got to want to just take care of business. 

Wadkins also weighed in on the four picks by U.S. Ryder Cup Captain Davis Love.

“I really like what Davis did with his picks. I think he went for guys that are putters.

“I played on eight teams and captained one and I can tell you every single Ryder Cup I played in, it comes down to putting. This is the best putting American team Ive seen in a long, long time. 

The question is, will it be the best putting team on Friday, Saturday and Sunday?

Besides Wadkins, other guests that appear on the special Ryder Cup edition of Feherty Live include former Ryder Cup captains Paul Azinger and Sam Torrance, Olympian Michael Phelps and NBA great Michael Jordan.

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Anonymous said...

My prediction is if there is a Tiger-Rory singles match...Rory will embarrass the Tiger....
Rory is putting better,driving better & just plain better than a fading Tiger..