Monday, September 24

Trigger Man Brandt Snedeker Pulls Off FedEx Job

THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS I LIKE about Brandt Snedeker. But I guess if one thing comes to mind, especially after watching him this past weekend, it’s how he pulls the trigger. Snedeker sizes up the shot, takes a couple of quick practice strokes (if it’s a putt), steps in and—bam—away he goes. The putt’s rolling. The ball’s in the air.

Brandt Snedeker (Allison)
No muss, no fuss. Whatever’s going to happen, happens quickly with Sneds. I like that about him. Heck, I actually get a little nervous watching him play, thinking he’s rushing the shot. But that’s because I’m so used to watching those other guys, the sloooooowpokes.

I guess Snedeker has been playing ready golf since he was a teen, according to the anecdote I heard on the NBC broadcast. As he was finishing out his final round at East Lake on Sunday—a performance that earned him both the Tour Championship and the FedEx Cup, good for $11.44 million—Dan Hicks (I believe) said Brandt’s father used to tell him to hit it quickly so as to not hold up the players following behind.

No one was following Brandt on Sunday in Atlanta. He was in the last group with Justin Rose. As is his trademark, he pulled the trigger with little hesitation and carved out a gutty 68 to win after sharing the 54-hole lead, a first in his career.

While others faded or succumbed to the pressure, Sneds, 32, closed it out, beating the big names on the weekend: Rose, Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Jim Furyk, Luke Donald and others. With his name engraved on the FedEx Cup, the Ryder Cup this week and a baby due next month, Brandt Snedeker has a lot to smile about.

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