Tuesday, September 18

You Need a Machine Gun to Play This Golf Course

FORGET A CART OR A CADDIE. To play this golf course, you need a machine gun more than you need a hybrid. Which means you better have a highly skilled guard, someone who can spot a different kind of trouble and take it out of the equation in a hurry. It gives a whole new meaning to “tough golf course.”

Welcome to Kabul Golf Club in Afghanistan. It opened in 2004 after the fall of the Taliban—and after they removed the landmines, an unfair hazard to be sure. The EU ambassador is playing the course in the above clip. He calls it the most challenging golf course.

And the greens? They’re actually browns.

“I feel like BBC has taken a bit of liberty calling this arid plot of land in Kabul a golf course,” wrote Golf Digest contributor Derek Evers, “but then again, if you’re willing to play a round with armed guards in the middle of the desert, you can call it anything you want.”

To recap, it’s probably the most dangerous and worst-conditioned golf course on the planet. On the bright side, there’s no wait. So if you can find your golf ball and, of course, make it around alive, you’ll be done in no time.

(Visor tip: Local Knowledge)

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