Friday, October 26

Meet the Metropolitan Hickory Society

TIRED OF THE ANCHORING CONTROVERSY? Want to roll back the modern, juiced-up golf ball? Missing the true spirit of the game?

Two words: hickory golf.

As Brian Schuman says in the video, “It’s finding the essence of the game in a 100-year-old piece of wood.”

It looks like a lot of fun to me. And, if nothing else, you’ll look great in knickers and argyle socks, right? The clothes are fantastic.

(Visor tip: Kevin Markham)


Scott Messner said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Interesting that some hickory golfers take power carts. That would ruin the atmosphere for me.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Good point about the carts. I don't dig that so much.

Brian Schuman said...

Right about the carts. Most guys do walk, but some players are a bit older and the carts allow them to still enjoy the day. But no carts, is certainly the best experience.

Brian Schuman said...

Unfortunately, here in the States, it seems that the pull carts are really frowned upon...or not allowed or available at most courses. On a recent trip to Scotland for the World Hickory Open, I loved the fact that MANY players used pull carts. I used them all week long and I loved using them and it was easier on my back.

Anonymous said...

Actually it was threatening to thunderstorm that day so we had to play a shotgun start. The carts were just to get the players to their tee. All walked except one player with a medical issue. Hickory golf is primarily a walking sport with out the aide of GPS or other modern yardage aids.

Cheers, The Commissioner