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Christina Kim’s Battle With Depression

Christina Kim (
IT’S A TOUGH BUT WORTHWHILE READ. Raw, painful and frightening. In “Tears of a Clown” in the December issue of Golf Digest, Stina Sternberg writes about Christina Kim, the fun-loving LPGA Tour winner and Solheim Cup player, and her slide into depression.

It started with a back injury in the fall of 2010 that hampered her powerful ballstriking. Kim’s golf game suddenly went downhill, and, over time, so did her mental health.
Christina the jokester was disappearing as fast as the world-rankings points attached to her name. She struggled to make cuts, and thoughts of suicide crept into her head. “I’d be driving down the road and think, All I have to do is steer my car into the oncoming traffic, and I wouldn't have to go through this; I wouldn't have to deal with it.” But details like fearing for the person in the other car, or feeling bad about leaving her parents with her house payments, always stopped her.
Kim is doing better now. “Hopefully I can have a wonderful ending to this chapter and give hope to others,” she told Sternberg. John Daly also discusses his demons, therapy and recovery in the story.

I admire Kim for her courage, being so transparent in public about her struggles. I wish her the very best. Sure, on the golf course, but, more importantly, in her life.

(Visor tip: Geoff Shackelford)

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