Monday, November 26

Rory McIlroy, King of DP World and Golf World

Rory McIlroy
WITH A REMARKABLE SEASON-ENDING VICTORY at the DP World Tour Championship, Rory McIlroy walks off with five titles, including one major, an obscene amount of money (to reportedly soon include the Nike “lotto”) and all the acclaim the media can heap on his curly head.

So, I’m wondering at what point do we collectively say this guy is Tiger 2.0, or the next Jack Nicklaus? Not that anyone is in a big rush. Well, actually some people are, which is par for the course in our brave new media world.

Longtime observer Alistair Tait of Golfweek is extremely impressed.

“Rory McIlroy is right where he belongs,” Tait wrote after the world No. 1 wrapped up his latest conquest in Dubai, “in a league of his own. That’s the way it’s always been.”

Tait has watched Rory since the talented Irishman was 14. He had heard the hype about young McIlroy and wasn’t a true believer at the time, but he became one and can’t help but gush about golf’s new king. “What surprises me most about McIlroy’s climb to the top of the world pecking order is the way he has left others in his dust,” Tait said.

Another thing that sets Rory apart, noted Tait, is his approach to coaching. He has stuck with Michael Bannon from the beginning and takes an evolutionary approach to his golf swing, arguably the best natural golf swing to come along in a long time.

Tait also conceded that the media-hyped McIlroy-Woods rivalry “might just be a pipe dream.” Tiger might end up wheezing in Rory’s dust.

Are you ready to put Rory in the same exalted category as Tiger or Jack? Or even a Ben Hogan or Sam Snead?

I’m cautious about next-great proclamations. I think Rory is a great player, and can continue to be great, piling up majors—if there are no major slips or falls. But there is still a very long road ahead for this 23-year-old, no?


Harry @ Sweetwoods Golf Course West Sussex said...

As talented and successful as he is, I still don't think the comparison to Tiger holds up yet. Rory definitely has the ability to get there I just don't think he's truly dominant in the way that Tiger was in his prime, he doesn't strike fear into his opponents in the same way.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I tend to agree. He might get there, but we won't know for awhile.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he will ever get there....too often in sports for whatever reason we just see young talent & treat 'em as though their progression is "guaranteed".

Well,that's not how it works,nothing is guaranteed as all things don't remain equal...I am simply saying that motivation,mental status & committements change over time.

This young man has already shown us with the numerous miss cuts that he is not TIGERESQUE.

I think it's tragic that people are heaping these enormous expectations on him.What Woods has done is extraordinary,almost all always on the leaderboard on sundays in majors.McElroy is not even in that neighbourhood.

If McElroy wins as many majors as Faldo,I am wrong.