Tuesday, November 27

The Road to Pebble Beach, Part 3

Editors note: I’m going to Pebble Beach next week for the Lexus Champions for Charity. I’m a guest and Lexus is sponsoring my trip. This is another installment in an ongoing series. Read Part 1 and Part 2.

Pebble Beach Golf Links (Conway)
I STALLED ON THE ROAD TO PEBBLE Beach last week—at least in terms of preparation. That wasn’t surprising since it was a holiday week. I wasn’t expecting to hit balls or play or do anything else to ready myself for my early December trip to the Monterey Peninsula.

I also wasn’t expecting to have my first root canal, but I did on Tuesday. And just in time since we were on the road to Indiana on Wednesday for Thanksgiving with relatives.

Last Monday afternoon my tooth started hurting. It didn’t stop. I hardly slept that night, called my small-town dentist first thing on Tuesday morning and, quite fortunately, got an early afternoon appointment. The doc took a look and told the assistant, “I’m going in.” No kidding, he really said that. I’ve never been so thrilled to receive a novocaine shot.

On the drive to and from Indiana, all I did, from a golf standpoint, was look at any courses visible from I-64 and the other roads we traveled. I’m always impressed by those dedicated golfers out on chilly November days. That used to be me in a past lifetime.

I’ve managed to throw together a few outings to my local golf club over the last several weeks. I’ve hit balls and spent some time on the putting green. I’ve played 23 holes (two separate nine-hole rounds and a five-hole round). I’ve updated my equipment, thanks to my brother, and I’ve acquired a new travel bag. I’m about as ready for this golf trip as I can be. As I said in Part 1, I’ve played little golf this year, just a few rounds. That’s my reality.

Seven days and counting. We fly out of Charlotte next Wednesday.


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