Thursday, December 6

Lexus Day 1: The Links at Spanish Bay

Editor’s note: I’m at Pebble Beach for the 2012 Lexus Champions for Charity as a guest of Lexus. This is another installment in an ongoing series.

THIS MORNING THE GOLF ASSIGNMENT was The Links at Spanish Bay. We began at 9 a.m. and braved a difficult golf course in extremely tough conditions. It was windy, very windy. At times, our caddie, Che, said it was a four-club wind. I didnt know much about Spanish Bay. Now I do. I lost several golf balls. I wisely didnt keep score.

I played with three Pennsylvanians: Hunter, his father, Lewis, and Cathy. Cathy played great and the others definitely had their moments.

Caddie Che told me Spanish Bay tends to be underrated in terms of difficulty, and said that it plays as tough or tougher than Pebble Beach. The last stretch of holes are particularly brutal when the wind is strong (tip killers, Che called those holes, because they can ruin scores and moods). Fortunately, we started on 10, so we got them out of the way earlier.

That's me standing on the balcony of our ocean-view room.

Our group at Spanish Bay, with Cathy in the foreground.

The back nine at Spanish Bay.

Win this by making a hole-in-one. It's still there.

The rules.

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