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The Rules Geek: Keegan Bradley Isn’t a Cheater

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Keegan Bradley
KEEGAN BRADLEY WAS HECKLED AT THE WORLD CHALLENGE won by Graeme McDowell because of his belly putter just a few days after the R&A and USGA announced an impending ban of anchoring via new rule 14-1b.

“I had some guy here call me a cheater on the last hole, which was no fun,” Bradley said on Saturday.

This is an easy one. Saturday was December 1, 2012. Rule 14-1b does not go into effect until January 1, 2016. Therefore Bradley is not a cheater.

That foolish fan needs a better grasp of the Gregorian calendar and a refresher on golf-spectator etiquette.

The USGA itself said this in a statement:
“This is a deplorable incident, and there is no place in our game for this kind of behavior. As we noted when announcing proposed Rule 14-1b, it has been and remains entirely within the Rules of Golf for players to anchor the club while making a stroke. There should not be a shred of criticism of such players or any qualification or doubt about their achievements, and we think that it is inappropriate even to suggest anything to the contrary. Rule changes address the future and not the past. Up until now and until such time as a Rule change were to be implemented, golfers using an anchored stroke will have been playing by the Rules of Golf.

“We are sorry that Keegan had to experience this unfounded criticism from an obviously uneducated spectator. Instead, Keegan and other PGA Tour professionals should be commended for their maturity and grace in managing through a proposed change to the Rules of Golf.”
The Rules Geek does not take sides in the anchoring-ban controversy, and is only concerned about upholding the current Rules of Golf. So, for now, anchor away.

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