Monday, January 28

Torrey Pines Still Under Tiger Ownership

Tiger Woods at AT&T National. (Allison)

Do you really expect me to get excited? After all, Tiger has won this tournament seven times. Add the 2008 U.S. Open, and he's won eight times at Torrey Pines as a professional. Then, if you throw in his amateur career, well, it's ridiculous.

Tiger owns Torrey. It's that simple. Just like The Slammer owned Greensboro.

It makes me wonder why Tiger would ever skip San Diego. Why pass up what seems like a certain victory, especially in the not-so-distant past when he was in that painfully long win drought?

OK, yes, I do remember. Woods skipped in previous years because of his trips to the Middle East for those ginormous appearance fees. But this year he decided to play both Abu Dhabi and Farmers, a smart move.

Tiger posted rounds of 68, 65, 69 and 72 for a 14-under total of 274. Brandt Snedeker, last year's champion, and Josh Teater finished in a tie for second at 10 under, four shots back. It wasn't that close, really. Tiger had a eight-shot lead and lost interest.

Hunter Mahan suggested Woods may be making a statement with his early season win.

"I think he wanted to send a message," Mahan said. "I think deep down he did. You play some games to try to motivate yourself. There's been so much talk about Rory (McIlroy). Rory is now with Nike. That would be my guess."

Not sure I agree with that theory. Might be overthinking it. It's Torrey, Hunter. Tiger always wins there. He even did it once with a broken leg.


Anonymous said...

Tiger is the man! I'm from San Diego and he's hands down my favorite golfer. I love smoking a cigar on a Sunday afternoon and watching him "smoke" (pun alert) the rest of the field!

Anonymous said...

Yep! Tiger won and seemed to have lost interest cuz of slow play.....
So here is the question,what is the tour doing about slow play.....just like the long putter and no one willing to address that at the time,slow play will present a big problem in the future if they don't address it now.

And for whatever reason no one seems to think this is a problem,non of the Golf writers seems to have an isssue with this,very disturbing...

For chrissakes! who is looking out for Golf.