Monday, May 13

Happy Mother's Day Win for Tiger Woods

I'M COVERING THE MOTHER'S DAY angle of Tiger Woods's victory at The Players Championship. It might be the only angle left.

Moderated by Laura Neal of the PGA Tour, Tiger talked to the media after he wrapped up his second win at TPC Sawgrass and 78th career title on the PGA Tour.

"Tiger," Neal said, "you said you might have caused your mom (Kultida) a heart attack out there. Give us some reaction to the hard‑fought day you had out there."

"Yeah, she's probably not too happy with me," Woods said, "especially after the tee shot at 14. But it was a tough battle. I mean, the golf course played tricky today. It was fast and difficult, and I hit it so good today, it was fun. I hit it high, low, left to right, right to left, whatever I wanted, except for that tee shot at 14. I didn't really miss a whole lot of shots. I pured a lot of putts, too. Could have been something pretty low today, just had a bunch of lip‑outs. But they were all good putts, and we were joking on the front nine, through nine, Joey [LaCava] said, you might want to hit a bad putt, maybe it might go in. So I hit one on 14 (laughing)."

A member of the press later posed this question to Woods: "You've obviously won a couple big tournaments when your dad was still with you. Can you talk about how it feels to win a big tournament on Mother's Day?"

"It's fantastic," Tiger replied. "I haven't got a chance to talk to her yet. I will after the round. I talked to her this morning. I'm sure that she'll give me a ration of grief for the shot on 14 and what I did with her blood pressure, but I'm sure it's all good now, though.

Yep, all good.

Other stuff happened, stuff that people talked a lot about on TV, and also wrote a lot about, for that matter.

But, in the end, Tiger probably fears his mom way more than anyone or anything on a golf course. Which probably has something to do with why he's such a relentless closer on Sundays.

So while yesterday looked like Tiger's day, Tiger knew it was actually her day.

Happy Mother's Day, Kultida. Er, belated.


Anonymous said...

Yes,well done Tiger.
Wow! some kind of player

Just remember my reaction to Tiger's play in 2012....and never thought he would be playing like he is now considering how he performed in 2012.

His performance over the yrs were so stunning,that many,including me thought that if Tiger couldn't get his swing going in 1yr,it was most likely he was done.

Often forgetting,that the guy is human and Rome wasn't built in a day.

Tiger's play has conditioned us to think he can "jump over the moon" in a single stride.

Quite frankly,I don't think many of us would live to see another golfer like Tiger.

I am more than glad that I did live to see the youngman play.

Wow! what a player.

Lynn Jack said...

Everyone has a soft corner on his mother. Really I like this interview. Tiger Woods is really a good player as well as a good person.