Wednesday, May 15

Rocco to Tiger: Please Sign My Pin Sheet


In the above clip, the six-time PGA Tour winner shares an anecdote about an autograph request to Tiger Woods after the two battled in an 18-hole playoff at the 2008 U.S. Open, which Woods famously won even though he was hopping around Torrey Pines on a broken leg.

Golf Channel's Will Gray detailed Mediate's request at GolfTalkCentral:
According to Mediate, at the 2009 Players Championship he placed in Woods' locker a picture of the two of them from the playoff, in addition to his copy of the pin sheet from the fifth day of competition at Torrey Pines. 
Mediate added a note, asking Woods to autograph them with a personalized inscription so that they could be added to his home collection. 
"Look, sign these for me, write something on there, personalize it and then sign the pin sheet," Mediate recalled of his request of Woods. "Because I'm going to put them on my wall somewhere."
So, what happened?

I guess you'll have to watch the clip.

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Dan said...

Interesting that Tiger wouldn't sign the pin sheet.. even for a buddy of his! I wonder if Saturday at the Player's wasn't the right timing. Thanks for sharing!