Friday, June 28

Playing Golf With Parkinson's

GOLF IS HARD. GOLF WITH PARKINSON'S, a neurological disease that causes shaking and other symptoms, is harder. This video made by the Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI) profiles three men and a woman who haven't let Parkinson's stop them from enjoying the game.

I enjoyed their stories. Betsy is my favorite. She says you have to live your life and move on. Tom has benefited from the long putter. I like how he has adapted so he can make those three-footers.

The course setting is Colorado Golf Club in Parker, Colorado, site of the 2007 Senior PGA Championship and 2013 Solheim Cup, coming in August. The 14th CNI Golf Classic will be held there on Monday, July 29 to raise awareness about neurological conditions.


GolfTop18 said...

Awesome how they find ways to adapt and continue to play.

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this video!

Golf In Red said...

Seeing these kinds of posts makes me angry that I allow myself to get upset on the golf course. I have seen other videos of people successfully playing golf with 1 arm or 1 leg and kicking butt. I also play a lot of golf with a past senior PGA player that has developed severe hand tremors and he still manages to shoot in the 70's. Incredible stuff!