Sunday, June 16

Tiger's Quest for 15th Major Continues

Tiger Woods studies a putt at Merion Golf Club on Sunday. (© USGA/Joel Kowsky)

TIGER WOODS SHOT A 4-OVER 74 in the final round of the 2013 U.S. Open. Woods posted rounds of 73, 70, 76 and 74 to finish at 13-over par. Putting was his primary downfall.

"I struggled with the speed all week," Tiger said.

"These greens are grainy. It's one of the older bent grasses, creeping bent. So it's a little bit grainy. I struggled with the speed, especially right around the hole, putts were breaking a lot more. I gave it a little more break and then it would hang. That's kind of the way it was this week."


Anonymous said...

Someone, needs to explain how can Tiger find the greens difficult to read, when other players weren't even that much concerned about the greens.....

It wasn't going to be a good tournament for can tell from his mediocre shot on the 1ST Tee in the opening round.

Poor putting & shoddy play around the greens are not Tiger-esque.

Bear in mind,2-tourneys in a row where Tiger has faltered big time....

Pio said...

I was really hoping to see Tiger have a great tournament. In any case it was a great Tournament overall.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Tiger's short game, including his putting, just isn't what it used to be, plain and simple. Especially in the majors.

Anonymous said...

His putting is sub-par, I agree wholeheartedly.

His lament over the last 4-5 Majors, is he can't get the "speed" right.

He will win, if somehow he can figure the "speed". It's baffling to me to see a 14 Majors winner having trouble with speed...I quite frankly think it' is inability to pick up the breaks that is his bug-a-boo.