Friday, November 8

Global Golf (LinkedIn): 'No Such Thing as a Double Eagle'

There is no such thing as a double eagle 
A birdie is ONE under, an eagle is TWO under- the next step is THREE under which UK golfers call an albatross. It CANNOT be a double eagle purely on mathematical principles as 3 is NOT the double of 2- simple ... please discuss
The discussion was posted by Stephen Smith, a senior psychologist and a sports psychologist.

(Courtesy of Scott MacLeod Liddle)
There were a few comments, mostly anti-American, but that's not my focus here.

I offered a lighthearted comment, saying, "There is definitely no such thing as a double eagleor an albatrosswhen it comes to my golf experience. Ha! Anyone in this group actually record one?"

David Varney of Lincoln, England, wrote this:
I have. I had been laid off playing for a few months after house move and went and played Crookhill Park in South Yorkshire. Opens with a shortish par 5. Hit a borrowed driver and then smoothed a three iron with a touch of draw around the tree in the fairway and she ran and ran straight into the hole. Unfortunately I was playing alone and the only people that saw was the group in front they didn't know it was [an albatross]. Second hole managed an 8 LOL and that proves the golf gods give and take LOL
So I have to ask ...

Has anyone else made an albatross? Tell us. The comments section is open.


Brian Kuehn said...

Not even close. Call it what you want, in my game it is an extinct animal.

TIM MURPHY said...

2009 Southern Dunes. 2nd shot to the 12th, I think, 230 yards, pitched 1 yard from the hole and rolled in. 3 wood.
My one and only after 54 years playing.

The Armchair Golfer said...