Tuesday, November 12

Matt Kuchar Foresees Global Tour

Matt Kuchar (Keith Allison)
IN A STORY BY REUTERS, PGA TOUR star Matt Kuchar said he believes a worldwide golf tour will materialize in his lifetime:
The PGA and European Tours may soon join forces to create one unified global golf circuit, world number eight Matt Kuchar predicted on Tuesday, a move which could address scheduling complaints from top players. 
The American believes the Asian and Australian Tours could also figure in the unified circuit, which was first mooted by golf great Greg Norman in the 1990s. 
"I absolutely do see the PGA Tour, the European Tour, the Asian Tour, the Australian Tour somehow turning into some sort of global world tour," Kuchar told reporters in Melbourne on Tuesday ahead of this week's Australian Masters. 
"I think it will be in my time. 
"I think it seems like it's coming quicker in this last year ... we may all be saying Greg Norman was right in the day."
Speaking of scheduling and getting to tournaments, Kuchar had an entertaining time traveling to Melbourne for the Australian Masters. There's no quick, easy way to travel to Australia, I suppose. At least not for Americans.

Kuchar putted out at The McGladrey Classic in Sea Island, Georgia, at 4 p.m. on Sunday and hopped on a private plane en route to Atlanta, where he hustled to board a connecting flight to Los Angeles. That's where "Kooch" encountered TMZ, the celebrity gossip news site.

"There were people in the airport with cameras. They were from TMZ," Kuchar said at GolfChannel.com. "This guy comes up and starts asking me questions. I'm a golfer, not a celebrity, but figured I'd better just answer them, so I tried to give him the most mundane, unusable answers I could."

Kuchar eventually boarded his flight to Melbourne, but it arrived two hours late after a passenger became ill. 

"Part of the joys of travel," said the world No. 8 golfer.


Troy Vayanos said...

I agree with Kuchar and think it will happen. Not sure when as the PGA Tour is very strong and won't give up any tournament overseas without a fight.

For golf to become truly global I think a world tour would be a great thing.

The Armchair Golfer said...

It's definitely headed in that direction, but hard to see it happen under Tim Finchem's watch.