Friday, February 21

USGA VIDEO: First Golfer Dwight Eisenhower

IN THIS VIDEO, DON VAN NATTA JR., author of First Off the Tee, talks about President Dwight Eisenhower's love of golf. It includes a lot of footage of Eisenhower in action.

Eisenhower played 800 times during his two terms in office. He installed a putting green at the White House that was a short distance from the Oval Office. His favorite pair of shoes was probably his golf spikes, which he slipped into each day after work. Thanks to Eisenhower and Arnold Palmer, the popularity of golf soared.

Among other anecdotes, Van Natta tells how "Ike" tried to have the large pine in Augusta's 17th fairway removed. He was unsuccessful, of course, and the pine became known as the Eisenhower tree. The famous tree finally succumbed to Mother Nature this past week.

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