Wednesday, March 19

Exclusive Q&A With Tiger’s Left Knee

Tiger Woods's withdrawal from the Arnold Palmer Invitational due to back problems brought back distant memories of an earlier injury that resulted in ARMCHAIR GOLF'S series of exclusive interviews with Tiger's Left Knee. Here is one of the first ones, a Q&A from the archives. Maybe we can get an interview with Tiger's back ...

IN A REVEALING Q&A, TIGER Woods's Left Knee told ARMCHAIR GOLF about its recovery from a third surgery and the multiple pressures that come with supporting the world's greatest golfer.

Tiger's Left Knee in action. (Phelps)
Q: First of all, how are you feeling?

LEFT KNEE: I have my good days and bad days, but overall I think I'm getting stronger.

Q: This was your third surgery. Did the fist-pump celebration during the final round of last year's PGA Championship exacerbate the problem?

LEFT KNEE: No comment.

Q: It really looked like Tiger was limping after that.

LEFT KNEE: I was told there wouldn't be any fist-pump questions.

Q: Can you talk about Tiger's swing and how it affects you?

LEFT KNEE: You've seen him. Tiger has the mother of all golf swings. The torque is absolutely incredible. It gives me a sharp twinge just thinking about it. No knee is designed for that.

Q: What's the hardest part about being Tiger's Left Knee?

LEFT KNEE: There's the physical aspect, certainly, but there's also the weight of everyone's expectations. He's playing for the record books and immortality. That's a pressure very few knees ever experience.

Q: Do you ever wish you were just a normal left knee for, say, a claims adjuster or a florist?

LEFT KNEE: I think all knees of great athletes have moments when they dream of a normal life. Look at Mickey Mantle, Joe Namath, Larry Bird. The list of greats with highly pressured knees is very long. I'm not the first, nor will I be the last. But in the end you have to work with the person you're given.

Q: How do you keep going? Where does your inspiration come from?

LEFT KNEE: I take it a day at a time. Do the PT. Get my rest. I really hope Tiger is done with the running. That's a killer. As far as inspiration, I look to the greats. In golf, all of us lower extremities worship Hogan. I mean, my God, his legs were totally mangled from that car accident and he came back and not only walked again but won six majors. It's incredible (sniffling). Sorry, I promised myself I wouldn't get emotional.

Q: It's OK.

LEFT KNEE: Are we about done?

Q: One last question. When will you be back? At the Memorial or the U.S. Open?

LEFT KNEE: Not sure. That’s Tiger's call. But I hope Memorial.

Q: Why sooner?

LEFT KNEE: It's always great catching up with Jack's hip. The right one, not the replacement.

Q: Thanks for taking the time.

LEFT KNEE: You got it.

(This is an ARMCHAIR GOLF spoof.)

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