Wednesday, July 30

Rory McIlroy: 'Becoming a Champion at Charming Fans'

IT'S NOT JUST HIS GOLF. What also makes Rory McIlroy so appealing is his refreshing candor, as the New York Times' Karen Crouse wrote in "Becoming a Champion at Charming the Fans":
In the autumn of Tiger Woods, what more could golf ask for than a marquee player like [Rory] McIlroy, who has Arnold Palmer’s aggression, Jack Nicklaus's competitiveness and Barbara Nicklaus's honesty? 
In his first news conference since leaving Hoylake, England, with the claret jug from the British Open riding shotgun in his Range Rover, McIlroy, 25, rolled down the windows to himself instead of using pat answers to erect a wall of tinted glass.
Among other non-pat answers, Rory offered this:

"I'm not afraid of my inconsistencies. It's something that I actually quite welcome, and I know that my good is very good and my bad can sometimes be very bad. At the end of the day, it all levels out."

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